Election 2024


The most important lesson of the 2022 elections is this: Every vote matters.

It is a historical fact that midterm elections favor the party that is not in the White House. Yet Democrats in 2022 exceeded both their own expectations and those of pretty much everyone else. Because every vote matters.

The simple truth is Americans are increasingly fed up with the incessant stream of lies, intolerance and generally un-American crap spewed by Republicans. The good news is all that’s needed to rein in their lunacy is for us to show up on election day. There are more of us than there are of them. That’s just a fact.

The Republican Party has made it incontrovertibly clear that its interests are contrary to those of most Americans. And because they are outnumbered, they are engaged in a sustained disinformation campaign. Put another way, Republicans lie constantly. And it does not bother them that their lies endanger every American and the republic itself.

Republicans are also engaged in a sustained campaign to game the election process. They are working furiously to hinder access to the polls and gain control of the election process at the state level, with the aim of making the US functionally a single party state. They have already made significant progress to that end.

This represents a clear and present danger to the republic.

Following are lists of those Congressional Republicans whose seats are in play for 2024. Even if none of them represent you directly, consider contributions to the campaigns of their opponents or such other action as might support their opponents.

For example, find candidates and issues to support on Act Blue. Or support the targeted strategies of SwingLeft. Or follow your conscience where it takes you. Stay engaged.

And vote! In every election, at every level. Convince everyone you can to do the same.

House of Representatives

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Vote Out these Republican Senators

Let's get as many of these Republicans out of the House of Representatives as we can.

Alabama District 1
Jerry Carl
Alabama District 2
Barry Moore
Alabama District 3
Mike Rogers
Alabama District 4
Robert Aderholt
Alabama District 5
Dale Strong
Alabama District 6
Gary Palmer
Arizona District 1
David Schweikert
Arizona District 2
Eli Crane
Arizona District 5
Andy Biggs
Arizona District 6
Juan Ciscomani
Arizona District 8
Debbie Lesko
Arizona District 9
Paul Gosar
Arkansas District 1
Rick Crawford
Arkansas District 2
French Hill
Arkansas District 3
Steve Womack
Arkansas District 4
Bruce Westerman
California District 1
Doug LaMalfa
California District 3
Kevin Kiley
California District 5
Tom McClintock
California District 13
John Duarte
California District 20
Kevin McCarthy
California District 22
David G. Valadao
California District 23
Jay Obernolte
California District 27
Mike Garcia
California District 40
Young Kim
California District 41
Ken Calvert
California District 45
Michelle Steel
California District 48
Darrel Issa (Open)
Colorado District 3
Lauren Boebert
Colorado District 4
Ken Buck
Colorado District 5
Doug Lamborn
Florida District 1
Matt Gaetz
Florida District 2
Neal Dunn
Florida District 3
Kat Cammack
Florida District 4
Aaron Bean
Florida District 5
John Rutherford
Florida District 6
Michael Waltz
Florida District 7
Cory Mills
Florida District 8
Bill Posey
Florida District 11
Daniel Webster
Florida District 12
Gus M. Bilirakis
Florida District 13
Anna Luna
Florida District 15
Luarel Lee
Florida District 16
Vern Buchanan
Florida District 17
Greg Steube
Florida District 18
Scott Franklin
Florida District 19
Byron Donalds
Florida District 21
Brian Mast
Florida District 26
Mario Diaz-Balart
Florida District 27
Maria Elvira Salazar
Florida District 28
Carlos A. Giménez
Georgia District 1
Earl Carter
Georgia District 3
Drew Ferguson
Georgia District 6
Fichard McCormick
Georgia District 8
Austin Scott
Georgia District 9
Andrew Clyde
Georgia District 10
Michael Collins Jr.
Georgia District 11
Barry Loudermilk
Georgia District 12
Rick Allen
Georgia District 14
Marjorie Taylor Greene
Idaho District 1
Russ Fulcher
Idaho District 2
Michael K. Simpson
Illinois District 12
Mike Bost
Illinois District 15
Mary Miller
Illinois District 16
Darin LaHood
Indiana District 2
Rudolph Yakym III
Indiana District 3
Jim Banks
Indiana District 4
Jim Baird
Indiana District 5
Victoria Spartz
Indiana District 6
Greg Pence
Indiana District 8
Larry Bucshon
Indiana District 9
Erin Houchon
Iowa District 1
Mariannette Miller-Meeks
Iowa District 2
Ashley Hinson
Iowa District 3
Zach Numm
Iowa District 4
Randy Feenstra
Kansas District 1
Tracey Mann
Kansas District 2
Jacob LaTurner
Kansas District 4
Ron Estes
Kentucky District 1
James Comer Jr.
Kentucky District 2
Brett Guthrie
Kentucky District 4
Thomas Massie
Kentucky District 5
Hal Rogers
Kentucky District 6
Andy Barr
Louisiana District 1
Steve Scalise
Louisiana District 3
Clay Higgins
Louisiana District 4
Jame "Mike" Johnson
Louisiana District 5
Julia Letlow
Louisiana District 6
Garret Graves
Maryland District 1
Andrew Harris
Michigan District 1
John "Jack" Bergman
Michigan District 2
John Moolenaar
Michigan District 4
William Huizenga
Michigan District 5
Timothy Walberg
Michigan District 9
Lisa McClain
Michigan District 10
John James
Minnesota District 1
Brad Finstad
Minnesota District 6
Tom Emmer
Minnesota District 7
Michelle Fischbach
Minnesota District 8
Pete Stauber
Mississippi District 1
Trent Kelly
Mississippi District 3
Michael Guest
Mississippi District 4
Walter "Mike" Ezell
Missouri District 2
Ann Wagner
Missouri District 3
Blaine Luetkemeyer
Missouri District 4
Mark Alford
Missouri District 6
Sam Graves
Missouri District 7
Eric Burlison
Missouri District 8
Jason Smith
Montana District 1
Ryan Zinke
Montana District 2
Matt Rosendale
Nebraska District 1
Mike Flood
Nebraska District 2
Don Bacon
Nebraska District 3
Adrian Smith
Nevada District 2
Mark Amodei
New Jersey District 2
Jeff Van Drew
New Jersey District 4
Chris Smith
New Jersey District 7
Thomas Kean Jr.
New York District 1
Nicholas LaLota
New York District 2
Andrew Garbarino
New York District 3
George Devolder-Santos
New York District 4
Anthony D'Esposito
New York District 11
Nicole Malliotakis
New York District 17
Michael Lawler
New York District 19
Marcus Molinaro
New York District 21
Elise Stefanik
New York District 22
Brandon Williams
New York District 23
Nicholas Langworthy
New York District 24
Claudia Tenney
North Carolina District 3
Gregory Murphy
North Carolina District 5
Virginia Foxx
North Carolina District 7
David Rouzer
North Carolina District 8
James Bishop
North Carolina District 9
Richard Hudson Jr.
North Carolina District 10
Patrick T. McHenry
North Carolina District 11
Charles Edwards
North Dakota At-large District
Kelly Armstrong
Ohio District 2
Brad Wenstrup
Ohio District 4
Jim Jordan
Ohio District 5
Bob Latta
Ohio District 6
Bill Johnson
Ohio District 7
Max Miller
Ohio District 8
Warren Davidson
Ohio District 10
Michael Turner
Ohio District 12
Troy Balderson
Ohio District 14
David Joyce
Ohio District 15
Mike Carey
Oklahoma District 1
Kevin Hern
Oklahoma District 2
Josh Brecheen
Oklahoma District 3
Frank Lucas
Oklahoma District 4
Tom Cole
Oklahoma District 5
Stephanie Bice
Oregon District 2
Cliff Bentz
Oregon District 5
Lori Chavez-DeRemer
Pennsylvania District 1
Brian Fitzpatrick
Pennsylvania District 9
Dan Meuser
Pennsylvania District 10
Scott Perry
Pennsylvania District 11
Lloyd Smucker
Pennsylvania District 13
John Joyce
Pennsylvania District 14
Guy Reschenthaler
Pennsylvania District 15
Glenn Thompson
Pennsylvania District 16
George "Mike" Kelly Jr.
Resident Commissioner
Jenniffer González-Colón
South Carolina District 1
Nancy Mace
South Carolina District 2
Addison "Joe" Wilson
South Carolina District 3
Jeff Duncan
South Carolina District 4
William Timmons
South Carolina District 5
Ralph Norman
South Carolina District 7
Russell Fry
South Dakota At-large District
Dusty Johnson
Tennessee District 1
Diana Harshbarger
Tennessee District 2
Tim Burchett
Tennessee District 3
Charles J. Fleischmann
Tennessee District 4
Scott DesJarlais
Tennessee District 5
Andy Ogles
Tennessee District 6
John Rose
Tennessee District 7
Mark Green
Tennessee District 8
David Kustoff
Texas District 1
Nathaniel Moran
Texas District 2
Daniel Crenshaw
Texas District 3
Keith Self
Texas District 4
Pat Fallon
Texas District 5
Lance Gooden
Texas District 6
John Ellzey
Texas District 8
Morgan Luttrell
Texas District 10
Michael McCaul
Texas District 11
August Pfluger
Texas District 12
Kay Granger
Texas District 13
Ronny L. Jackson
Texas District 14
Randy Weber
Texas District 15
Monica De La Cruz-Hernandez
Texas District 17
Pete Sessions
Texas District 19
Jodey Arrington
Texas District 21
Chip Roy
Texas District 22
Troy Nehls
Texas District 23
Tony Gonzales
Texas District 24
Beth Van Duyne
Texas District 25
Roger Williams
Texas District 26
Michael C. Burgess
Texas District 27
Michael Cloud
Texas District 31
John Carter
Texas District 36
Brian Babin
Texas District 38
Wesley Hunt
Utah District 1
Blake Moore
Utah District 2
Chris Stewart
Utah District 3
John Curtis
Utah District 4
Burgess Owens
Virginia District 1
Robert J. Wittman
Virginia District 2
Jennifer Kiggans
Virginia District 5
Robert Good
Virginia District 6
Benjamin Lee Cline
Virginia District 9
H. Morgan Griffith
Washington District 4
Dan Newhouse
Washington District 5
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
West Virginia District 1
Carol Miller
West Virginia District 2
Alexander Mooney
Wisconsin District 1
Bryan Steil
Wisconsin District 3
Derrick Van Order
Wisconsin District 5
Scott Fitzgerald
Wisconsin District 6
Glenn Grothman
Wisconsin District 7
Tom Tiffany
Wisconsin District 8
Mike Gallagher
Wyoming At-large District
Harriet Hageman


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Vote Out these Republican Senators

Let's get Democrats into these Senate seats.

Krysten Sinema
Rick Scott
Mike Braun
Roger Wicker
Josh Hawley
Deb Fischer
North Dakota
Kevin Cramer
Marsha Blackburn
Ted Cruz
Mitt Romney
John Barrasso


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