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09 April 2024
Get out the vote!!!
Vote in November or it may be the last time your vote means anything. Don't sit this one out. The stakes are too high.

31 December 2023
The GOP has lost it. The country is in real danger from within like Lincoln said.

04 September 2023
Like they say vote blue no matter who.

24 July 2023
The GOP is melting down

10 May 2023
Libs think they can stop Trump
Nothing will stop Trump. He will win 2024 and lib snowflakes can get over it. I will laugh then and too bad.

09 May 2023
Vote and no excuses
This is true. Everyone voting is VERY important!

01 February 2023
GOP Totally Corrupt
The GOP must be hiding something. They are obviously in a panic and just lie more every day.

14 September 2021
I am so tired of Republicans
I am so tired of Republicans. How do they have any supporters left? I can't believe the things we hear them say these days. They have no shame which means they have no morals.

07 June 2021
Republicans don't deserve to live in America
They took the oath. Which they break all the time.They attacked the capitol.

03 June 2021
Trump IS the president
HAHAHA Pelosi and Schumer are going to jail

26 May 2021
Why are we waiting?
Why are we waiting for answers to the Trump riot in DC? Because the GOP was in on it.

09 February 2021
Convict Trump now. No excuses.
It's time to pay the piper. The GOP is a danger to the US. If they don't convict Trump they are all traitors.

28 December 2020
No More Republicans
The main thing now is remember the Republicans supported Trump the whole time. They don't care about people.

13 October 2020
Democrat Landslide
I hope the Republicans have awakened a sleeping giant.

04 June 2020
Now what?
Trump is a danger. He is not right. There is something wrong in his head. People in the street all over the country and he makes it worse on purpose. Republicans don't do anything or else say how great he is. Are they all crazy too? It looks like more and more people are just sick of them all.

13 March 2020
What is anyone doing about this?

27 February 2020
Is this for real?
Trump is the best president America ever had. These are all lies.

28 June 2019
America got what it deserves
If you don't vote you get who someone else voted for.

09 May 2019
It's so hard to understand
Trump supporters must want what he's selling pretty bad to overlook his bad character. The Trump train is a train wreck.

26 December 2018
We have been betrayed by the Republicans.
I might not vote for another Republican ever again. They have lied over and over. Now they are protecting a madman.

20 November 2018
I tell you I don't see it
President Trump has done everything I hoped for and more. I hope he gets a second term.

29 October 2018
This Is Nothing New
The GOP has been like this for a long time. Trump made them take of their mask. Maybe this will be good in the long run. Cuz its bad right now.

19 October 2018
Way Past Enough
Every time Trump opens his mouth the best thing we can hope for is that it will embarrass the country. He attacks people in hateful childish ways and lies. And his lies are childish, too. I will vote against anyone that supports him.

17 October 2018
Go Vote!
Everyone go vote. The clowns that support Trump have got to go!

17 September 2018
This is a cheap shot.
The elections will show Trump is still the most popular president.

01 June 2018
Worst. President. Ever.
Hopefully for all time!

24 April 2018
Dark Times
I grew up in the cold war and never afraid the way I am since Trump was elected.

20 February 2018
That's all that is is baloney

12 January 2018
The swamp is bigger every day.

20 December 2017
Libtard trash
Typical libtards sitting in the basement on welfare complaining about the government that supports them

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